The importance of Remainer and Leaver identities

Recent Populus (now Yonder) research has found that Britons are more likely to identify (and to strongly identify) with Remain or Leave than with the main political parties. The importance of these Remain and Leave identities threaten to overturn party identification and cause the two largest parties significant problems in the European elections and beyond. […]

Modern timelessness: Heritage brand storytelling in the modern age

The past five years have led to a complete transformation in the luxury fashion space. From the rise of aspirational fast fashion leading to faster supply chains, to the massive proliferation of direct to consumer brands empowered by social media platforms like Instagram and easy to use website builder eCommerce platforms like SquareSpace and Shopify, […]

Space between consulting firms and creative agencies is converging

The past years have seen a growing convergence between the worlds of consulting and creatives. At the one side of the table management consulting firms are rapidly bolstering their design and digital skills, pushing deeper in the advertising & marketing space, while, at the other side of the landscape, agencies are grappling to add business […]

3 examples of blue ocean strategy

We’ve explored the fundamentals of blue ocean strategy before. Now, to bring it to life, we’re looking at 3 examples of companies that have used the blue ocean strategy framework to drive growth and innovation including the Nintendo Wii, Yellow Tail and Cirque de Soleil. Nintendo Wii The first example of blue ocean strategy comes […]

4 examples of incremental innovation in action

When you hear the word innovation, it’s often the most ground breaking ideas that spring to mind. But in actual fact, the majority of innovation (around 70%) is incremental innovation. Incremental innovation involves making small scale improvements to add or sustain value to existing products, services and processes. This can be simple as adding a […]

3 examples of radical innovation

In our previous blog posts, we’ve explored examples of incremental and breakthrough innovation. Now it’s the turn of radical innovation. Radical innovation involves harnessing new technology and a new business model simultaneously and as such, is very rare – only about 10% of innovations fall into this category. So who’s achieved this? In this blog post, we take […]