Online omnibus surveys

Offering fast turnaround, industry-leading standards and high-quality data all at a competitive price, we deliver added value across all of our services, from idea generation and questionnaire design through to delivery of data tables and executive summary reports.

Our online & PR express omnibus surveys will provide you with nationally representative online samples which can be used to improve your business strategy, giving you confidence in the decision making process. Understanding your target audience in detail is important for any successful business, and, with a quick turnaround, you can get the data you need right when you need it.


  • Nationally representative online sample of 1,000 or 2,000 GB adults (18+)


Ideal timings below but please do check in with us and we can advise the earliest omnibus you can go on

  • Midweek Omnibus: Questions Tuesday – get data on Friday
  • Weekend Omnibus: Questions Thursday – get data on Monday
  • Early Bird Omnibus: Questions Friday – get data on Wednesday


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Government office region
  • Social grade
  • Taken a foreign holiday in the last 3 years
  • Tenure
  • Number of cars in the household
  • Working status
  • Disability
  • Educational level
  • Main grocery shopper
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Kids in the household
  • Marital status
  • Household income (before tax)
  • City
  • Opinion influencer
  • Urban / rural
  • Sexuality 


Online Omnibus (including data tables and executive summary):

  • 1,000 sample = from £270 per question
  • 2,000 sample = from £330 per question

PR Express (data tables only):

  • 1,000 sample = from £225 per question
  • 2,000 sample = from £285 per question

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Below – see in depth information on online omnibus solutions

What is an online omnibus survey?

An online omnibus survey is a marketing research method involving the input of multiple organisations who share the cost of the research. Data can be collected on a range of subjects in the same survey and the results are delivered quickly. We also offer offline omnibus surveys.

What are the benefits of online omnibus surveys?

Online omnibus surveys are a great method for carrying out market research in order to get the data you need. Here are some of their benefits:

  • They can help you to improve your business strategy Above all, conducting market research will inform your business strategy planning based on customer feedback and public opinions. It ensures that you are targeting the right people in the right places as well as providing an overview of your business’s performance. 
  • They have a quick turnaround – You can get the information you need in a timely manner, meaning you can get to work on improving your business strategy and gain a customer insight as quickly as possible. 
  • They are cost effective – As you are contributing questions alongside other businesses and organisations, you are effectively sharing the cost of the research. Not only are you able to find out the information you need, but you can also access the answers to other valuable questions asked by other businesses seeking data from the same target groups. 
  • You can choose questions – Whatever it is you need to find out, you can put forward the questions that you need answers to – making the results as relevant and insightful as possible.
  • You can get an insight into international population opinions and views as well as other hard to reach groups.
  • Get information from a nationally representative online sample – It isn’t always easy to reach the right target groups to obtain information but our online omnibus surveys will ensure that you receive accurate data which details the opinions and views of your consumers. 

What can an online omnibus survey be used for?

An online omnibus survey can be used for obtaining valuable customer insights and public opinions in an easy, cost-effective way. Here are some reasons why you might choose to invest in an online omnibus survey:

  • To track campaigns
  • Gain industry knowledge 
  • To collect public opinions – for example, you may wish to know what the general public’s reactions are to breaking news
  • To improve your business’s strategy (as you will be better informed on areas for improvement)
  • To get customer insights quickly (including international and hard to reach groups)

There really is so much that an online omnibus survey can be used for, why not get in touch with Yonder Consulting today to discuss your business needs?

Are online surveys worth it?

Online omnibus surveys offer insightful information for businesses to utilise in order to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Before deciding on the best form of marketing research, you will need to consider your expectations, what data will be most valuable to you and what groups you need to be targeting. If you would like to find out more about our online omnibus surveys, you can get in contact with the omnibus team by popping an email to or calling on 02075534149.