Automotive market research

At a glance

From Mazda to Jaguar Land Rover, we partner with the world’s most ambitious brands. And we help them accelerate critical decision-making, so they can develop future-ready products, services and strategies faster.

Let’s break that down:

Getting closer to customers

By blending innovative, tech-enabled approaches with more traditional automotive market research techniques, we get you closer to consumers than ever before. Want to understand today’s drivers or tomorrow’s buyers? We get under the hood so you really understand consumers’ needs. Capitalise on this insight to create stand-out products, services and comms.

Identifying market opportunities

We forecast automotive industry trends to help you see the opportunities – and avert the threats – on the road ahead. See where the market is heading and find new platforms for innovation.

Concept optimisation and testing

We help you iterate and refine vehicle concepts at speed so you can see what’s going to fly early on. Go further, faster.

Early buyer automotive research

Just launched a new model? We’ll find out what’s working – and what needs work – at the earliest possible stage. Feed this into the next model refresh cycle to set yourself up for success.

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Case study

Choose your cool

When Mazda came to us looking to engage a younger, more progressive audience, they knew online video content could help them get there. But how do you create content that’s cool enough to really resonate with this audience? A killer combination of social media listening and correlation analysis helped us unpick the components that make online video content cool. Armed with this intel, we tested Mazda’s own videos against these elements.

The result? Mazda’s online video content strategy has been shaped entirely by consumer insight.

Everything – from the way they brief their creative agencies to the media spend in each market – has been informed by the consumer voice.

boy eating chocolate while on iPad

“Our work with decidedly has been instrumental in shaping our future strategy and has ensured that each and every decision we make is firmly rooted in consumer insight. This approach has increased brand familiarity and enabled us to tap into a new audience, but its true impact is much broader than that: our work with decidedly has brought the customer voice to the centre of our business.”

Christian Ohm, Manager, Global Consumer Insights, Mazda