B2B market research

At a glance

As one of the UK’s leading B2B market research companies, we work with the most respected B2B organisations internationally.

Our goal? To accelerate critical decision-making and help our clients develop future-ready products, services and strategies faster.

Our B2B research allows our clients to:

Get them closer to their customers than ever before

We run Global Customer Survey Programmes to help B2B organisations truly understand their most valued customers. Discover what key decision makers really think of your service. Benchmark your performance against the competition. Uncover new ways to strengthen your prized relationships.

Identify market opportunities

We run robust market assessments, digging out the data that others just can’t reach. Understand market dynamics, explore new trends and identify opportunities for growth to ensure your strategy is built on the future, not the past.

Turn insights into future-ready products, services and strategies

We take B2B insights and use them as a springboard for crafting compelling value propositions. We’ll take you from the ideation stages right the way through to concept development and evaluation.

Generate compelling thought leadership

We produce thought leadership, rooted in rich B2B insights, that drives brand awareness and positions your business for success.

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Looking for a B2B research agency to support you on your next challenge?

“Yonder is head and shoulders above the competition. B2B research is a specialist skill but their impressive international network, coupled with their intelligence and passion for every project, ensures that they consistently deliver strategic insights that drive our business forward.”