Yonder Clockface is our proprietary two-dimensional model of the UK designed to help understand the complex and volatile political, social, cultural and economic dynamics – and how they interact.

The model is built on census data of 3m adults and layers multiple different data points eg psychology, media consumption, life priorities and policy priorities and preferences onto a map.

We use the model to help understand and contextualise the brands and activities of a range of different clients in different sectors, including the world’s largest e-commerce company, a leading UK retailer and a British public service broadcaster.

Clockface can help clients move away from a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to communications and help identify the specific messages, approaches and even influencers which will resonate most with your distinct audience groups across the UK.

Questions Clockface can answer

  • Who are your brand’s most important stakeholder groups and what are the most common concerns within each group?
  • How can your brand best address existing concerns?
  • How are competitors performing among stakeholder groups, why and what should your brand be doing in response (if anything)?
  • What do stakeholders regard as the priorities for your CEO/C-Suite?
  • How can your CEO/C-Suite meet and exceed the expectations of stakeholders?