Congratulations to our award winners!

People are what makes Yonder special. In celebration of our growth, as a business and as individuals, we’re delighted to launch our leadership awards.

The Tiziana Del Bene and the Yonder Future Leader awards celebrate the talents at the heart of Yonder, showcasing the way we work with our clients and each other. The awards are a demonstration of our values at the centre of our business, recognising those who lead from the front with imaginative thinking.

We nominated our colleagues and the finalists and winners were announced by the judging panel…

The Tiziana Del Bene Award is a sign of our commitment to getting more women into senior leadership roles. The award recognises an outstanding woman who shows real leadership potential and sets an example to others by living our values. The award is given to honour the memory of Tiziana Del Bene who, until her untimely death in 2019, was Deputy MD of Populus Data Solutions (before we became Yonder). Tiziana was a true leader and a great role model to all, leading by example with her professionalism, determination and personality.  

Congratulations to Celia Roberts, one of our Associate Directors, who received this award 👏

“Celia is simply a brilliant individual who is wise beyond her years. She is a most positive influence in the workplace and her no-nonsense, yet collegial approach is precisely what is needed in a leadership role.”

The Yonder Future Leader Award recognises emerging leaders in the business who set an example to others through their commitment to bringing our values to life.

Congratulations to Rachel Williams, one of our Directors, who received this award 🏆

“Rachel hit the ground running when she joined us a number of years ago and has never stopped since. She is a clear and creative thinker, she is industrious and is always good humoured and engaging with everyone. Exactly the sort of person we want as a leader.”

A huge congratulations to Celia, Rachel and all of our finalists.

Let’s go BeYonder…

Tiziana Del Bene Award finalists

Celia Roberts (winner)
Alicia Dowsett
Aman Hundal
Amelia Evans
Anya Mooney
Celia Roberts
Florence Douglas
Grace Birrell
Jazmine Duncan
Julia Kinde
Paula Buckley
Rachel Williams

Future Leader Award finalists

Rachel Williams (winner)
Amelia Evans
Jonathan Gateson
Julia Kinder
Tim Coughlan