Kids market research

At a glance

Embarking on a new piece of kids market research or want to get closer to your younger audiences? We’ll help you get down with the kids.

The full story

We’ve got heaps of experience in this area. We’ve researched toddlers and young children across a whole range of sectors. And built an unrivalled understanding of the older age group too – from our work with teenagers, apprentices and students and thanks to own myth-busting youth market research with 16 – 25 year olds.

Like any market research agency, we run focus groups, depth interviews and online communities. But what sets us apart is how we blend insight, innovation and technology to get closer to real behaviours, uncover fresh insights and bring them to life for our clients in new and exciting ways. And nowhere is this more important than in kids market research, where getting to the truth can be tricky as children struggle to recall their past behaviour accurately.

Passive tracking and passive observation

We’ve used passive observation tools to see what kids really get up to after school. We’ve harnessed passive tracking to see what content kids really connect to online. And we’ve created a virtual reality experience for Channel 4 to help them immerse themselves in young viewers’ worlds.

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Case study

The kids are alright

Kids these days. Tech-obsessed, heads glued to their screens. They’re all the same right? Well perhaps our expectations of young people need rethinking. 

When we set out on a study to understand 16 – 25 year olds and their attitudes towards tech, social media and data privacy – we found they don’t all conform to the stereotype. We segmented young people and identified six distinct groups each with differing attitudes towards technology and expectations of how brands should be targeting them them.

And guess what? That one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t working. We’re sharing this knowledge with our clients, helping them get ahead and cut through to this lucrative consumer group.

Case study

The new kid on the block

When kids are playing, they can be off in their own world, away for hours. But how do you break into that world, understand it and the opportunities it presents for your brand?

We helped one of the world’s best loved entertainment companies to do just that. Using passive observation tools, we found out what kids really get up to after school. How do they spend their leisure time – and who with? Because let’s face it, remembering the ins and outs of each evening is hard enough, never mind for a 5 year old.

Armed with rich insight into real behaviours, we looked to in-home family interviews for the final part of the puzzle: understanding what it is that drives kids to take part in different leisure activities.

Case study

Decoding what keeps kids content
Everyone knows holding kids’ attention is hard. When a kids’ media brand came to us, they were looking to get to grips with how kids watch short form and online video content.

We used passive tracking to find out how kids engage with content online, before talking to them to explore the why behind the data.

It’s knowledge that’s helped our client to up their game, creating more short-form and online videos that kids love to watch.

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