Digital exclusion

Left behind Londoners: Digital exclusion

Digital exclusion poses a real threat to the travel industry and its customers.

From websites and laptops to smartphones, mobile data and apps, digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the way people interact with London’s transport services. Where it once was the default for a paper ticket to be purchased from a ticket office or bus driver, or information for journey planning to be sought from a poster or customer advisor, now digital options are available to carry out these tasks.

While this trend brings undoubted benefits to many people who use transport, for many others it can also create barriers. More than 1.5 million people are being left behind by a digital-first approach in London alone.

London TravelWatch (LTW) is the official independent transport watchdog, which campaigns to improve journeys and advocates for all people who travel in and around the capital.LTW promotes integrated transport policies aimed at raising the quality, performance and accessibility of transport services, while continuing to ensure they are affordable and safe for all who use them.

We teamed up with London TravelWatch to develop its first report into digital exclusion.

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