An in-depth look at online gambling in the UK

Online quarterly survey looking at online gambling behaviour in 2020

On behalf of the Gambling Commission, Yonder carried out online quarterly surveys with 8,000 UK adults, to look at online gambling behaviour in 2020. The results show that:

  • Over the past few years, there has been a significant change in how people gamble, with online gambling increasing year-on-year.
  • Mobile phones continue to be the most common method of accessing online gambling, especially among younger people, with three-quarters of 18–34-year-old online gamblers using their smartphones to gamble compared to only 14% of those aged 65 and over.
  • While mobile phones remain the most popular online gambling device, laptops, PCs, and tablets stabilised their decline in 2020. Laptops are the second most common way of accessing online gambling, used by four in ten online gamblers.

  • Despite the fact that most internet gamblers still play at home, one in five of them have also played outside their home.
  • Online gamblers typically have three accounts open on average, while a sizeable proportion of younger gamblers have more. However, operators’ current approach to customer data is to monitor a client’s gaming on their own products only, giving a narrow view. Consequently, the gambling commission have challenged the industry to develop ways data could be used to create a ‘single customer view’.

  • The majority of online gamblers have placed bets in-play, with rates highest for younger gamblers. The popularity of eSports betting is also rising, driven primarily by younger males.
  • Click here for full details on the Gambling Commission website.