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Passive tracking & passive observation

At a glance

Our passive tracking and observation techniques get you closer than ever before to real behaviour, accessing fresh insights that open up new territories for market-beating innovation.

How? By going beyond what people say. And uncovering what they actually do.

The full story
Want to understand how consumers spend their time online – outside the world of your own app or website? They’ll struggle to tell you. But with passive tracking you can uncover every last detail. Providing information on everything from content consumption to app usage, you can discover what people do online, when – and how you fit into the bigger picture. Distilled down, this is data that can shape your digital strategy – from the design of your app to the advertising you put out.
Our passive observation tools uncover real behaviours in real environments. By harnessing technology, we can see how people really live, observe unconscious behaviours and identify pain points and frustrations as they happen. It’s these things that people could never tell us that reveal new insights you wouldn’t get to in any other way – paving the way for better innovation.
From passive tracking to active targeting

Sure, our new passive tracking and passive observation techniques are exciting. But it’s when you pair them with more traditional research that the magic happens. Uncover not only the what, but the why.

Compare the claimed and re-called with the reality. See the whole picture. Armed with this intel, you can up your offering and target people in a way that connects with them on every level.

Case study

Decoding what keeps kids content

Everyone knows that holding kids’ attention can be tough. When a children’s media brand came to us, they were looking to get to grips with how kids watch short form and online video content.

We used passive tracking to discover how kids engage with content online, before talking to them to understand the why behind the data.

It’s knowledge that’s helped our client to up their game so they can create more short-form and online videos that kids love to watch.

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Case study

Family matters

When Vodafone was looking to relaunch its flagship product for keeping families safe online, we stepped up to the plate. Vodafone needed to uncover new opportunities for the service. But they faced one big problem. When you ask parents about keeping their kids safe online, there’s a big disconnect between what they say and what they actually do.

So, we looked to passive observation to get to the real moments of tension around tech usage at home. We turned these insights into ideas and ultimately a set of new features for the service.

Then, we brought the concept to life as a prototype app and tested it with consumers, iteratively improving it through rapid UX testing. All in just 7 weeks. Now, the new version of Secure Net is in live beta in Spain with a full launch planned across Europe for later this year.

Case study

The new kid on the block

When kids are playing, they can be off in their own world, away for hours. But how do you break into that world, understand it and the opportunities it presents for your brand?

We helped one of the world’s best loved entertainment companies to do just that. Using passive observation tools, we found out what kids really get up to after school. How do they spend their leisure time – and who with? Because let’s face it, remembering the ins and outs of each evening is hard enough, never mind for a 5 year old.

Armed with rich insight into real behaviours, we looked to in-home family interviews for the final part of the puzzle: understanding what it is that drives kids to take part in different leisure activities.