Uncover the insights beneath the digital buzz

In today’s digital age, harnessing the power of digital and social data is indispensable. Stakeholders share their unprompted opinions online and gather in communities with personalities that share their passions and interests.

Unlock actionable insights with Social Intelligence

What is Social Intelligence?

At its core, Social Intelligence transforms raw data into actionable insights. It involves the analysis and interpretation of online conversations, revealing hidden patterns and trends shaping customer behaviour, market dynamics, and brand perception.

Using innovative machine learning tools, it also segments and profiles audiences based on their digital behaviour, understanding who they are, their needs, interests, and online influences.

This knowledge enables business and marcomms strategies within and beyond the digital realm.

Integrated with all Yonder has to offer

Social Intelligence is integral to Yonder’s holistic consultancy approach. We blend data-driven insights with expertise in brand and business strategy, customer understanding, culture, reputation management, and tracking.

This integration empowers businesses to make informed decisions that fuel future growth.

Unlock   possibilities

  • Real-time insights into stakeholder and customer sentiment, enabling proactive responses.
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking for staying ahead.
  • Data-driven content strategies for impact and relevance.
  • Crisis management and reputation monitoring for brand equity.
  • Identification of emerging cultural trends
  • Audience profiling to inform marketing and communication strategies.


  • Consumer brands enhance customer experiences, loyalty, ownable brand territories.
  • B2B companies gain insights into market trends and competitors.
  • Healthcare providers understand patient needs, and barriers.
  • Educational institutions foster student engagement and success.
  • Non-profits and government agencies shape public perception and policy.

Your questions

  • What strategies can be implemented to enhance our online reputation and public image?
  • In what ways can we surpass the strategies of our competitors?
  • What measures can we take to ensure our marketing campaigns resonate with our target audiences?
  • How can understanding stakeholder behaviour and preferences be achieved?
  • What are the best practices for monitoring company sentiment during crises?
  • Which cultural movements are emerging and who are the influencers shaping these trends?
  • In what ways can we profile online audiences and understand the best engagement strategies?

Why Choose Yonder?

Our blend of psychology, social science, and behavioural analysis, coupled with our integration of insight, strategy, creativity, and imagination, sets us apart from the rest.

Not sure what you need? We are always keen to discuss your requirements and help inform a tailored strategy based on your unique goals and challenges.

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