Women in Sport

'It's the taking part that counts' - so why aren't women taking part in sport?

Building on from our 2019 study into the engagement of women and girls in sport, we have sought to understand the current state of play some four years later.  

Recent years have seen growing media coverage of elite women’s sport, including the high-profile victory of the Lionesses at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. However, findings from our latest report reveal a harsh reality: despite an increase in viewership, women are not participating in as much sport as men, with participation down on 2019 levels. 

Through a comprehensive primary research approach covering qualitative and quantitative methods, solidified by our extensive understanding of the sports landscape, we have sought to unpack why participation isn’t in line with viewership. We have delved deep into the barriers to participation, before defining a series of recommendations and actionable strategies for brands to transform and reimagine what they deliver to women, and to drive fuller and more sustained engagement with sport among women.

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