Yonder launches Culture Magnet

Yonder launches Culture Magnet to optimise organisational culture to drive business results 

Today, Yonder launches Culture Magnet, a powerful, evidence-based consultancy approach designed to optimise organisational culture as a strategic business driver.

Almost three quarters (74%) of workers say they would leave a company if the culture wasn’t right. Additionally, 78% of global workers identify positive company culture as a top pull factor for joining an organisation.* Fostering a positive working culture is clearly an issue of strategic importance for both retention and recruitment. Furthermore, Yonder believe that creating the culture you need to succeed in the future, starts today.

By blending the latest tech-enabled tools with imaginative consultancy techniques, Yonder build a rich picture of an organisation’s culture by extracting meaning from data to uncover the hidden traits, values, and dynamics that determine business success. 

Unlike traditional employee engagement solutions, Culture Magnet goes beyond surface-level data collection to find out whether the culture an organisation currently has is the culture they need to succeed in the future. Effectively determining the gap between a company’s vision and current reality.

Culture Magnet defines opportunities for creating positive cultural change by honestly answering critical questions with real and multifaceted data, such as: 

  • How magnetic is our culture for the talent we want to attract and retain? 
  • How aligned are our employees are with our strategy and desired culture? 
  • How distinctive is our people experience, employer brand, and culture, in line with the unique attributes of our brand and identity?
  • How do we measure up against the key traits of leading workplace cultures?

A focus on culture is a proven strategic tool for all businesses, particularly important for those pursuing M&A activity (cultural compatibility), those experiencing significant change, such as leadership reorganisation (cultural insight to lead change), business restructuring (understanding current and ideal culture to optimise design) and rapid growth (codifying culture to create scale).

Culture Magnet is bespoke to suit a company’s specific challenges. The approach allows organisations to co-create their culture strategy using unparalleled insights from innovative data collection and science techniques. The resulting insight builds an environment where engaged employees shape exciting initiatives they can embrace and run with. The solution is sustainable because it is based on evidence and is therefore both measurable and trackable.

Michelle Traylor, Partner, Yonder Consulting comments:

“Culture has the power to be an enabler of success for an organisation, from the inside out. It can easily be the difference between the success and failure of a company strategy. An authentic culture which is nurtured and enabled is a key driver and an asset to any business. Ignored or forced and it easily becomes a detractor and a ticking time bomb. Culture Magnet shines an honest and actionable spotlight on the cultural dynamics of an organisation, enabling clients to pinpoint where their culture can evolve to drive better results for everyone.”

Manfred Abraham, CEO, Yonder Consulting, adds:

“You just need to read the business pages or scan social media to see how damaging a poor company culture can be, and the pace of these headlines seems to be increasing. We are seeing a societal shift where organisational culture is now a headline priority directly impacting on customer experience and stakeholder relations, as well as the continued war for talent.  

Global markets are responding well to the Yonder approach – delivering business transformation and growth through the right blend of insight + strategy + imagination. Everything we do is future focused, customer-driven and evidence based. What you see today as Culture Magnet is the result of decades of collective experience of co-creating organisational cultures with clients of different shapes and sizes, across multiple sectors and geographies. Yonder is confident that Culture Magnet will proactively help businesses turn their culture into a tangible business asset.”

The launch of Culture Magnet follows shortly after the launch of Yonder in Singapore and the growth of the London, New York and Hong Kong offices.

*Yonder interviewed a nationally representative sample of 2,117 GB adults aged 18+ online between 14th and 16th October 2022. The question was closed and respondents were asked to select factors that were important in choosing or quitting a job.

Is the culture you have the culture you need to succeed in the future?

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