How can we win with SMEs?

At a glance

In the UK we take round-the-clock internet connectivity for granted. When it falters, so does our ability to do business. This is particularly damaging for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), which account for 97% of businesses in the UK.

Finding the solution to this presented a great opportunity for BT, but unlocking it meant changing their perspective from that of a global telecoms giant, to that of a small business.

We helped BT see through the eyes of their customers and create a new product which gave users total assurance – and BT a 100% increase in premium package uptake. A win-win.

The full story

Our initial research discovered that 49% of SMEs couldn’t survive without broadband. From this, the focus was clear. BT would create a new product that would take over when broadband failed. But how could BT make a case for an add-on product to provide reliability, when their customers already saw BT as reliable?

A day-long immersive workshop helped to crack the conundrum, with input from the development, marketing and finance teams involved. The solution had to be automatic and it had to assure customers that it would never fail.

With this valuable insight, BT developed an ‘Always On’ router that works automatically in the background to provide seamless connectivity via 4G when a fixed line network fails. This benefit was reinforced by the branding ‘4G Assure’ and the ‘We’ve got your back’ advertising campaign. The launch surpassed expectations and thousands of SMEs are now powered by 4G Assure.


BT Enterprise has doubled the Premium package mix from 27% to 54%


4G Assure units were sold in 2018/2019

BT has significantly higher first choice consideration and favourability scores among SMEs who can recall seeing 4G Assure advertisements

Winner Business Impact of the Year UK

MRS Awards 2019

“The immersive research approach that the team took has directly led to a product that makes life easier for SMEs without compromising on BT’s reputation as a reliable Broadband provider.”

Mike Tomlinson, BT Managing Director of SME


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