6 ways your brand could use NFTs

You have probably heard a lot of talk about NFTs in the news recently. Grimes making $6m in 20 minutes for a series of 10 artworks. Nyan cat, a meme of an animated flying cat with a Pop-Tart body leaving a rainbow trail, going for $600k. Taco Bell, selling thousand-dollar taco-themed works of art. And […]

The time is now: the opportunity to get your business noticed for good

2020 HEADLINES If a business gets noticed by the public and makes headlines, it’s not usually good news. Our weekly polling of the UK’s most noticed businesses has demonstrated this for over five years.  Take 2019 as an example. Around 2 in 3 of the most noticed businesses each week were remembered for reputationally negative stories. […]

Corporate reputation and the post-pandemic recovery

With the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out, attention is turning to the post-pandemic recovery. We asked opinion formers their expectations of the UK Government’s economic priorities and how these could impact the reputations of big businesses.

Seize the moment: innovation in the Time of Corona

The economic turbulence caused by Covid-19 has left established businesses across the world facing unique challenges. Clients across all sectors tell us they are now being forced to innovate and make changes.