Goalpost revolution: unveiling transformations post-FIFA Women’s World Cup

It’s been over three months since Spain defeated England to claim their first ever FIFA Women’s World Cup title. Despite headlines focusing on the post-match controversy involving Luis Rubiales and Nike’s refusal to create replicas of Mary Earps’s shirt, the tournament was celebrated as a resounding success for women’s sport. Viewing and attendance figures broke […]

Come buy with me: how retailers can help transform the airport experience

Although air travel is once again booming, the entire airport retail experience is in desperate need of a redesign. A Yonder survey of 2,000 UK adults recently found that over a third (36%) think that travelling through airports is more stressful now than it was two years ago. But as the anxiety starts to be […]

Three steps to create lasting advantage through a business merger

Lessons from a lifetime career of branding excellence  David Martin has been leading businesses through brand evolution for more than four decades, and much of this experience has focused on mergers and acquisitions. At a time when the vast majority of mergers do not fulfil their potential, David shares his insight into what makes for […]

Whose loyalty is it anyway? 

Who's loyalty is it anyway?

Loyalty schemes are everywhere. From the local coffee shop offering one free for every 10, to big chains like McDonald’s offering free food on a points basis, businesses sense an opportunity to boost sales. And the way they are marketed suggests businesses also believe loyalty schemes can help forge a more personal, long-term relationship with […]

Cost of living: meaningful customer communication takes more than money talk 

Long-term financial services solutions for a pervasive financial problem   With money talk at the top of the agenda, striking the right tone is paramount to the financial future of businesses – as well as their customers. With just over half of customers (52%) believing their financial provider hits the mark when communicating with them, […]

Diversity of thought: why your business should consider the 10,000 Black Interns programme

With countless organisations competing against one another to provide similar services, products and solutions, one strategic tool stands out as arguably the most important differentiating factor: diversity of thought. Diversity of thought in business is a catalyst for innovation, imagination, better decision-making, and market relevance. It fosters creativity, provides a competitive edge, and ensures organisations […]

Why brand is at the heart of your future in fashion

From Meisel and Zara to Paris Fashion week and colour-changing clothes: why meaningful transformation trumps newness As an industry at the very forefront of the latest trends, being able to identify and tap ‘the next big thing’ is part of fashion’s fundamental construct. In the last month alone, fashion headlines have covered everything from colour-changing […]

Perceptions and behaviours of households eligible for broadband social tariffs

According to Ofcom’s April 2023 research, social tariffs [1] are available to an estimated 4.3 million UK households but have currently only been taken up by 220,000. This situation has prompted commentators, policymakers, and regulators to call on telecommunications companies to proactively promote and enhance awareness about their social tariff offers to ensure that broadband […]