Three reasons to reconsider your rebrand   

Your brand is your business. It’s not a logo or a colour palette. Which means the rebrand, as we’ve come to understand it, might not be the answer to the question you’re asking.

New product? Here’s how to get it right first time

Whether it’s sushi or socks or sustainable energy, it doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you want to launch, the message remains the same across the board. Now, more than ever, you cannot afford to get it wrong, and you really do need your customers to help you get it right before you launch.

Customer insight is your strategic companion for business growth

Stay curious. It’s an adage that carries more weight now than ever, thanks to COVID-19. The pandemic may feel like old news, but its continuing impact on businesses certainly isn’t. If there was ever a time to think differently, now would be it. Cue insight.

Embracing a continuous evolution

It’s a daunting prospect for most CEOs to navigate the complexities of change that have been both organic and accelerated over the past two years. But why? CEOs should see these challenges as opportunities, and embrace ‘continuous evolution’.

Extra-ordinary adventures of qual

Space: the final frontier. The year: 2367. We are on board the Starship Enterprise on its continuing mission to explore Strange new worlds and civilisations. What are we doing here?

Rebuilding customer trust in a post-pandemic world: Lessons learnt from the energy crisis

In a bid to claw its way back from Covid, the UK has walked straight into an energy crisis. Customers no longer trust businesses to deliver the goods and services they’ve been promised, and where price was once a key lever that influenced customer choice, what matters now is your ability to fulfil your promises. Insight is where your business begins.