Can customers tell you how to run your business?


The business benefits of moving from customer centric to customer driven strategy  Businesses talk a big game about customer needs, specifically the ways their particular products can meet those needs. We call this the ‘customer centric’ approach which puts the customer ‘at the heart of everything a business does’. While this seems like a great […]

Reimagine your brand for enduring customer driven business success

reimagine your brand

Where do you see your business in 30 years? It’s 1993 and AOL is the most popular search engine. Fast forward thirty years and there’s a whole generation of Google users who’ve never even heard of it. Imagine the number of brands that have experienced the same over the course of three decades, winning big […]

Magnetic Forces: Push & pull factors for employee retention & talent attraction

Employee retention

How to attract and retain talent in a candidate-driven market Businesses are still facing acute talent acquisition and retention challenges. Understanding the changing push and pull factors for employee retention is more important than ever, so we sought insights from 2000 UK adults to find out what’s really driving decision making in today’s workforce and […]

International Women’s Day hangover: 3 lessons on how to get involved 

international womens day

Wednesday 8th March marked International Women’s Day. We saw waves of support for women across global brand campaigns which, of course, have been subject to scrutiny. With a Twitter bot trending for calling out seemingly supportive companies for their respective gender pay, it is clear that brands need to do more to respond to the […]

How to understand Everything Everywhere All at Once 

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything is continuously evolving all the time and the rate of change is getting faster. You are not just imagining this – in many respects it is a matter of fact. This is why the absurd whirlwind Everything Everywhere All At Once became a word-of-mouth hit and went on to win the Oscar for Best […]

The future of retail: 5 trends

Future of retail

Shopping on the high street is a strangely aging ordeal nowadays. It makes me long for the brands and retailers that nurtured my consumerism and gave me endless days out as a teenager. Yet with the continuous evolution brought on by the pandemic, turbulent international trading conditions and inflationary pressures, the high street no longer […]