Celebrating Black History Month

This October, we’ve been celebrating Black History Month – an annual celebration that recognises and honours the contributions and achievements of black people, whose inspiring stories often go untold.

We’ve enjoyed celebrating in a few different ways, and we’ve also been reflecting on our progress so far on increasing diversity at Yonder, acknowledging the work still to be done.

Here’s a run down on what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got coming up…

To reflect the purpose of Black History Month, we’ve been sharing stories of some prominent black people throughout history, including Ignatius Sancho, John Edmonstone, Mary Seacole, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Elijah McCoy, Scott Joplin, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, Madam C.J. Walker, Garrett Morgan, Bessie Coleman, Dr Percy Julian, Jesse Owens, Maya Angelou and Nina Simone. Their inspirational stories truly showcase the mark that they have left on the world as it is today. Our team have also been sharing their own stories and experiences, as well as additional resources and events happening in and around London.

Our virtual jukebox – where colleagues across the business share an incredibly diverse range of music – has been in overdrive. Through it, we’ve celebrated (and discovered) a wide range of black music and legendary artists we love. Black artists have had a tremendous influence over the course of music history and continue to inspire artists today. 

We’re proud to promote our partnership with 10,000 Black Interns and look forward to welcoming our new interns in Summer 2022.

To wrap up the month, we’re looking forward to meeting Kenny Imafidon who is going to share his story and the journey that led to the founding of ClearView Research. Kenny was recently named as one of The Faces of Impact (100 global changemakers under 25) by Impact Squared for his efforts to transform society and make a positive impact on the world.

Importantly, the conversation doesn’t stop here. We will continue to discuss and face up to the challenges and obstacles to creating a diverse business. All the evidence points to the clear fact that diversity, in all its forms, improves business performance.

In our view, it also makes life a lot more enjoyable…!

Go #BeYonder, together.