Yonder shortlisted for four AURA awards

We’re delighted to be on the shortlist for four AURA Awards!

To be recognised by AURA for our work with Virgin Media O2 (ROI: Larger Budget category), and for our (already) award winning work with Formula E (Insight Impact category), is an honour. To have been nominated by our clients for our impact in Storytelling fills our hearts with joy. And it doesn’t stop there, we’re also contenders for the prestigious Agency of the Year category.

These nominations are a testament to the impact of our fast-growing team. They are also, importantly, a testament to the amazing partnerships we’re able to co-create with our forward-thinking clients. It’s those businesses who combine insight, strategy and imagination together with us that are able to truly put their organisation at the heart of their customers.

Congratulations to all those nominated – we’re very proud to be in such great company.

The winners will be announced on July 20th, so stay tuned! A full list of awards and nominees can be found here.

Our work

Formula E

Together with Formula E, we developed an innovative and impactful interdisciplinary approach to measure in-the-moment audience engagement. Our team used MindProber’s research-grade biometric sensor to capture second-by-second emotional activation through galvanic skin response (GSR) and attitudinal surveys to capture rational responses – with this insight, we were able to pinpoint exactly what audiences found most enjoyable and exciting about watching the sport.

The innovative biometric solution has revolutionised Formula E’s understanding of viewer engagement.

Want to know more? Our full case study is coming soon. In the meantime, check out our work here.

Virgin Media O2

The new mobile handset market is under increasing pressure, from rising contract costs, a buoyant secondhand market, and perceived marginal gains for buying the latest.

Working with O2, Yonder instigated an insight programme to guide development, positioning and naming of a proposition to address this challenge. Aside from helping O2 navigate the complexities of price architecture, Yonder were able to demonstrate how this proposition could bring a little joy back into the customer operator relationship.

Yonder believe that brands can only flourish if they adopt a customer-centric approach, this was a great example of one of our valued clients taking our word and delivering with real commercial impact.