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How do we respond to disruption?

At a glance

When it comes to takeaways, everyone has an opinion. With a desire to turn more browsers into buyers, online food ordering service Just Eat came to us with a challenge to reinvent their ratings and reviews system and spice up the in-app user experience.

In just 6 weeks, our journey took us from insight to a working prototype. This has since been fed into Just Eat’s new ratings & reviews system ­and is now being enjoyed by more than 27,000 restaurants and millions of customers across the UK and beyond.

The full story

Just Eat already knew that if they wanted to continue their success in the food delivery market, they would need to reinvent their products and services to better meet customer needs. They asked us to work with them and give that reinvention focus. To ensure their direction was determined by genuine consumer need, we set up online communities across Europe and North America to get into the detail of online ratings and reviews systems.

Bringing together Just Eat stakeholders and consumers in an innovation workshop, we created some super-charged features, and then developed a tried-and-tested working app in rapid prototyping. These testing sessions with customers were live streamed to Just Eat’s product team, helping them to see how consumers reacted to concepts first-hand.

The agile nature of this project allowed us to act on emerging insights and respond to consumer needs in real time, capitalising on new opportunities as they arose.

Just Eat took the learnings and our prototype designs and used them to focus their product development process. Our work has played a fundamental role in reshaping every element of Just Eat’s ratings and reviews system.

The new features within the Just Eat app are now enjoyed by more than 27,000 restaurants, and millions of customers across the UK and abroad.

“Increasingly agility is becoming part of the research process. The old days of taking six months to a year to iterate and come up with product recommendations are gone and I see this as happening both in qual and quant research. There are a number of disruptors… and I see the team taking this in the qual space."

Rufus Weston, Head of Insight, Just Eat


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