A powerful way to bring the outside in: government and corporate affairs in 2024

You may be surprised at the growth opportunities Corporate Affairs can unlock With increased scrutiny, rising expectations, changing societal norms, and growing politicisation of business, the role of corporate affairs has become ever more crucial and multifaceted. Your corporate affairs team can be central to your organisation’s ability to evolve, identify business opportunities, accelerate business […]

Responding to a crisis: how to reach, engage and support vulnerable audiences 

A stark rise in the number of vulnerable customers has seen the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issue guidance for businesses to act fairly in support of audiences who need extra safeguarding. As the socio-political environment in which businesses operate continuously evolves, the definition of ‘vulnerable’ customers continues to adapt. A vulnerable customer is seen as […]

Women in sport – 2019

Elite women’s sport is beginning to gain more traction within the mainstream media; but significant gender inequality still exists in sport. We explore why.